July 5th, Summer Days

I hope you had a nice Fourth of July. Ours was a bit different. We had a pretty big earthquake at 10:30 A.M. I was sitting at my desk, and the room started moving.

I was so shocked as the room started moving and the blinds were banging at the window. Its always so weird to feel and to watch. The walls move inward, and even the floor looks like it rolls. Of course, the town where it is centered have had so many earthquakes. This morning there was a 5.2.

The last pictures I posted on this blog, was in the winter. So this is pictures of how it looks now in July. I just love how pretty it looks now and how green. I have been canning and drying food. I just hope we don’t get hit with a huge earthquake and it all breaks on the floor.

I love the garden. Can you believe how big my zucchini and yellow squash plants are and how big the zinnias are this year? I just love how it looks.

I am back for awhile since blogger isn’t taking my comments again. I hope you have a delightful day today.


Almost good by to January

I haven’t trimmed my roses yet. February is almost here so I need to get busy. I haven’t wrote on this blog since Christmas. I need to decide which one I will keep. I am still undecided both Blogger and this one have good points as well as bad points.

These are the last of my Silkies. Plus that Old English Hen. I like Bantams but I don’t think I will get any more. I just want brown egg layers this next time when I get chicks. I have to keep these out in the yard because the other hens do not like Silkies. So to keep peace in the coop, I let these out during the day. The sharp shinned hawk had been keeping his eye on them.

I know that when they start squawking and are on the porch, he is out there again. I wonder if birds get bored up in the sky, because he sure flies down to watch what I am doing every day. The birds around here know my schedule about as good as I do.

Ron made paths and squares so I would have a better idea of what and how I am going to plant this year. I just love how it looks all nice and clean. Just like a clean slate. I come out here and stand and dream.

Ron built this so we could plant seeds. We planted tomato and pepper seeds. Its in the bathtub in our bathroom. We never use the bathtub because its so big. So he decided it was warmer in the house so he had made this table to fit in the bathtub a couple of years ago and we had the grow lights out in his shed. So hopefully they will do better in the house.

You can’t see all of the tiny little vines we planted on Saturday. But Ron thinks its over 200. I think it will looks so nice when they start leafing out.

He also planted five cork oak trees out here. We went to a very old park here in town one year and gathered cork oak acorns and he planted them and they grew and now they are big enough for the ground. We also planted to apricot trees and a lime tree.

We have been working every day all day when we can. It gets so hot that we know we have to get as much done now as we can. I got a growing guide for this area and its no wonder my garden never does as good as I dream. So much stuff for this area is supposed to be planted in Jan-Feb. I never knew that. I would love to get my potatoes in the ground soon, but we have a week of rain coming.

I bought containers yesterday so I could start juicing oranges and lemons. Its going to be a big job, but what a nice job. My house will smell like oranges and lemons.

Thank you for stopping by today,


Welcome 2019

Good bye to 2018. It was I think a year like none that have gone before. Here are 10 things I learned in this last year.

My year started with Ben and Megan selling everything they owned so they could travel the United States and find a homestead to live and raise their family. The first thing I learned that as Corrie Ten Boom said, “Hold everything in your hands lightly, otherwise it hurts when God pries your fingers open.”

That day as they drove down the driveway was the first opening of my hands in 2018.

My heart sings as I know how much these guys have accomplished and the things they have seen.

Our next big blessing was getting to stay in Tucson and welcome our 10th grand baby and our sixth grandson to our family.

The second thing I learned in 2018 was my heart always has room for one more. I think I learned that I have never realized how great the gifts God has given and how I can only think most of the time, “Why me?” Lord? How as He told Ron so long ago, ”
Give, and it will be given to you. A good measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over, will be poured into your lap. For with the measure you use, it will be measured to you.” Luke 6:38

The third lesson I learned, is God has plans for all of our kids and their families. I must let them live their lives the way God has called them to live. These two William and Makenzie are always keeping me a little out of breath as they spend so much time in airports doing the work I used to dream about one time long ago.

When ever it is we can finally get together, I sit just spellbound at all the Lord is doing in their life and how much they do every day.

Once again I had to open my hands and let another one go to follow the path the Lord has him on.

The fourth thing I learned is that I am not God! He is always good. He keeps trying to get me to trust Him. Every single day. As I try to learn every single day, Our lives are His. Our times are in His hands. Not mine. Peter is now in another country so far away from home. I must trust God even more and keep my hands open every day.

The fifth thing I learned is being a mother never stops. Every day until Jesus calls me home I will be a mother. I will be a grandmother and of course the best job that makes it all possible a wife. My life is not about me. Its about serving my family and in that I find the greatest joy.

The seventh thing I learned in 2018 is that I have such special friends that God has given to me. My daughters and my daughters in love. They are precious to me and having them in all in my life is so important. I go to Bible Study on Thursday mornings.

I only go for one reason. I get to hang out with my daughter Emilie. Of course the Bible Study is nice too.

The eighth thing I learned is crying in the shower is the best place to be when life becomes so overwhelming and I know that I must do what God is leading them to do every day. I never wish to go back in time. I never long for the days when I could keep them in the house. I am very proud that they are reaching and touching and being ambassadors for God in a way I never could have done. I always wanted to be a missionary. Now, I see how God is using each of them in the way that only He could see.

The ninth thing I learned in 2018 that prayer can move mountains. Big mountains. When I pray though, sometimes God answers bigger than I had prayed. Ron was able to move into a job that he has wanted for years. I just had this prayer I was praying for his work. God really did the impossible to give Ron the desires of his heart.

Finally to the tenth thing I learned in 2018 it was that my time frame isn’t God’s time frame. Being patient and waiting and watching and keeping my mouth shut is very important. Our son Elliot and his wonderful girlfriend I hope will get married, but of course. God’s timing will be perfect. So I will wait. But the yard is green and pretty. Just perfect for a wedding.

This is my list of 2018, I wish I had kept better records. These were the high-points.

I wish you a very blessed New Year



We have a nice sunny day today. Its cold but crisp and clear. We are starting to see things turn green from all of the rain we have had. I am looking through seed catalogs and putting together in my head things I would like to grow next year. Such pleasant things to think about.

I need to get my rose bushes trimmed and I need to put some pine needles around my Camellias and Hydrangeas. I was reading that they loved that. I think with the sun shinning it will be a nice day to do that. We have a constant drama going on outside my kitchen window. We have a Pistache tree covered in seeds. There is a mockingbird who believes they are all his. He spends all day every day guarding them.

I have watched him shoving the berries in his beak just as fast as he could. I have spent so much time watching the drama going on in this tree.

The berries are starting to fall out of the tree now, but that mockingbird ever faithful to his task is continuing to hold down the fort. I love it this time of year when the leaves are finally off the trees. I get to watch birds to my hearts content. I am so surprised at the birds that I know are there in the summer are not able to be as sneaky in the winter. I was thinking now that the busy and go-go-go of the first 25 days of December these last few days of this old year will be so much of a slower pace. I like it.

Its warmed up enough to go clean my chicken coop now. One of the things I love about cleaning my chicken coop and putting in new shavings is the hens are all so content with a nice clean house. It gets so quiet down there. No one is pecking the fire out of the ones who end up being on the last of the pecking order. I am going to have a hard time not getting any more chicks this year. I feel the chick fever beginning to start.

I hope your day is a lovely one and you are doing what ever it is that you love. Next week for me, dyeing wool. Yep, my New Year tradition.


December 26th—End of the Blog Hop.

Christmas is finished. I have the house back in order with everything put away. It was a different kind of Christmas this year. Kind of like the whole year. Just a different kind. I want to thank Pom Pom for having thought of doing a blog hop. It did get me blogging every day as well and my mind thinking of things to write. I really didn’t write as much as I thought I would. It was a good exercise.

I did have one thing I was going to write yesterday, but I never made it to the computer. We had the kids who live in town here with their husbands and wives and visiting and eating and all of that I never even thought about it.

This painting just haunts me. I ran across this poem written by Amy Carmichael and I wanted to share it.

For Christmas Day

Did Mary say to Joseph tenderly,

“Such little hands, such little feet! They be

Like little shells we’ve found beside the sea,

The sea of Galilee”?

And did wise Joseph answer, “For love’s sake

Our love shall shelter Him, enclose, and hold,

As the low hills about that silver lake

Shelter it, fold on fold”?

Across the stable, like a wind—a breath—

“The wicked have enclosed Me,” it saith.

“Thou has brought Me into the dust of death.”

Into the dust of death.

And then did Joseph’s father-like surprise,

as round his finger little fingers curled,

Call smiles and tears to Mary’s mother-eyes?

He clings who’ll save the world.

And as the Child in His soft manger lay,

Did gentle oxen in their language say,

“A mangerful of our sweet-smelling hay—

Our gift this Christmas Day”?

Again that breath—An unregarded tree

Is growing somewhere, making wood to be,

One Awful day, the cross of Calvary.

The cross of Calvary.

O Lord we adore Thee!

The wicked did enclose Thee;

O Child of Bethlehem,

Christ our dear Redeemer,

We come and we adore Thee,

We come and we adore Thee

We come and we adore Thee.

Christ our Lord.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

The art work is Jesus in the carpenters shop—Anonymous

Joseph holding baby Jesus is by Simon Dewey

The picture of Mary and Joseph and the baby Jesus in the stable is from Pinterest.

Christmas Blog Hop-Day 21

I made cookies yesterday. They turned out so pretty. Mine looked just like this but of course I didn’t take pictures. I made five pans of cinnamon rolls and a batch of gluten free molasses cookies that were perfect in every way.

Today I am going to have a quiet day of reading and sewing and all of those things that are nice. Its cold and foggy outside. A perfect day for a fire. My hubby gets to work from home today. After he gets off work he will be home for 10 days which is a very nice gift I think.

I hope your day is merry and bright.

Merry Christmas to you and yours,


Christmas Blog Hop—Day 19

I was outside this morning and I found that this hydrangea was such a pretty color of red. This is my hydrangea that has white flowers so that surprised me that it has this pretty color in the winter.

Pom Pom shared her Raggedy Ann Dolls. I thought I would share mine. I keep mine in my hope chest. The little Raggedy Ann doll I got for Christmas in 1968. I got Raggedy Andy for Christmas in 1972 and the big Raggedy Ann came from my Mom to our oldest daughter in 1982. One of her friends had made it and it was bigger than our daughter at the time.

There are things that scare me, and for me one of my fears is that these dolls will be thrown away or given to Goodwill when I go onto greener pastures. My grandkids think they are creepy. I think the girls do too. So I know what an odd fear right? I have a couple more upstairs. I have this shelf on the landing above the stairs. When our daughter in law was giving away this little rocker, I knew I needed it. (really, I am keeping it for her that one day when she has a little girl, I will give it back to her so her little girl can sit in it like she did.) I have this picture in my mind of a little girl in a long dress holding a book as she smiles and looks up at the camera. Every time I see this chair that is what comes to my mind.

I found these dolls in a store that I loved to visit and I love them. This shelf is above my head and I didn’t want to get up there to take a better picture.

Last but not least. In the seventies people painted pottery and stuff like this. My step-mom painted this for me for my bedroom. I still love it. Though its in my hope chest now. It hung in my bedroom when I was a girl until I had a little girl. I think that now I am at this age. I think about odd things. I have this memory of my great grandmother and she was in her bedroom and she was showing me some things I asked about on her dresser. We were just talking when on her bed in the middle was a very old cloth doll.

I asked her about it. She smiled this faraway smile and walked over and picked her up. She brushed her dolls now worn hair with her hand and hugged her to her chest.”

She said that when she was a girl in Missouri. Her Dad was going to town and he asked her what she wanted for Christmas. She said they knew that he didn’t have a lot of money that year, but she had seen a doll in the general store earlier that fall and she said she told him if that was still there she wanted that. He smiled at her and she said that she didn’t think she ever wanted anything as bad as that store bought doll. She said, she didn’t really expect to get it but on Christmas morning when her Dad gave her a package wrapped in brown paper, she knew what it was. She said, she still loved it as she did then.” I think at that time she was in her late eighties.

I thought of her this morning as I was holding my dolls and hugging them. They do know so many of my secrets. What is Christmas but tales from long ago. Stories that are made up of dreams and wishes. I wish you a wonderful day. One full of joy.


Christmas blog hop:15

I think I am turning into a every other day kind of blogger. I did finish shopping and I did get packages mailed. I think that I am on my way to slowing down to think and reflect about life. To hook my rugs I am working on and hopefully get them finished before Christmas. I want to sit and make goals for myself. Last year I did this and I set completely crazy goals for myself, and in-spite of myself, I achieved all but one. Since the one goal I didn’t accomplish involved other people. I know that it just wasn’t God’s time.  Do you ever think about God’s timing? One that took my breath away happened this week. 

Our son is taking a trip to be with his girlfriend and her family. I am never happy about it because its a trip to the other side of the world. I was telling someone about it and she was able to tell me she had been to that place and her husband goes quite often. I just sat and thought about how good God is to me and how in my life even before I had an idea my son would ever go to this place, He was already there doing his work. It always makes me feel so small. Loved of course, but so in awe of how incredible God is in every single thing. 

I read this today. It is of course from Elisabeth Elliot. 

“When people ask,”What makes you think God is love? Look at the things He allows,” I respond that He loved us enough to make Himself nothing and come to earth in the form of a helpless baby. He loved and walked among human beings, demonstrating His love. The best proof of His love was His death. He died for us that we might live.” 

“For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that Whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.” (John 3:16) 

Today on my daughter’s blog she wrote this. “Another thing I always wondered about. By the time Jesus is crucified, he has his disciple John look after his mother Mary. So Joseph must have died by then. Do you think Jesus healed Joseph or considered resurrecting him? Jesus didn’t do it for everyone. He allowed his stepfather to die. That’s an interesting thought, isn’t it? God doesn’t operate the way we do.” (K.M. Carroll Author) Plus she has an adorable picture of our newest grandson.

That is something to think about isn’t it? So when my plans don’t materialize. Or other things happen to upset me. I can still trust God to be God in all things. I hope you have a lovely day,


Christmas Music:Day 13

One of the things I love about Christmas is Christmas music. Here is my secret though, I have ten versions of Carol of the Bells. All on one play list. All different kinds. My husband Ron thinks its so funny. I really like that song. I never get tired of it. 

This morning our youngest son drove away to live in a new city. He will start a new job on Monday. I can say that 2018 has been jam packed with hellos and goodbyes. I think every month there has been some life changing change to happen. I feel rather breathless just thinking about it. Through it all I am thankful for them, some have been harder than others but I am thankful for the adventure that each one gives me and the solid ground under my feet. 

I took all of these pictures of our tree the other morning. I took them for yesterdays post that I never managed to write. So its good to write today. My daughter came and we went Christmas shopping. I am almost done because I need to get it to the post office.

I wait for the Lord. My soul waits,

and in His word I hope;

my soul waits for the Lord more

than watchmen in the morning. (Psalm 130:5)


Detours:Day 11

I had to think about detours today because yesterday and the day before were big detours in my life. Our two oldest adult children don’t live near us. Our daughter and her family in Tucson. Our son and his wife are on the road. When things happen to them, I must in order to keep my peace, cry out to God. (Which is what I should do because I was never in control like I think anyway.) Our son and his wife and their four boys were in a bit of an accident on Sunday. Just as they made it to Texas. 

It made me think of life and the detours. I mentioned earlier that in my Bible Study we are studying Exodus. We are at part where the Israelites are fleeing from Pharaoh and  God hasn’t let them take the easy way, but the long way and before them is the Red Sea and Pharaoh is at their back with all of the chariots and all of the horses. ” The direct route would save time as well as wear and tear on the people, but God had something infinitely more important than economics in mind—He wanted the people to be able to sing the song of praise in chapter 15—“The Lord is my refuge and my defense…my deliverer. He is my God and I will glorify Him, He is my fathers God and I will exalt him” (Ex 15:2NEB)

They sang this song because they had first hand experience of God’s power and deliverance. They would have missed this glorious lesson if they had taken the short road. When we are puzzled by delays and detours, let us think about the great purpose of life:to glorify God. The lessons He wants to teach us “in the wilderness” are priceless means of providing us with a song we could not other wise have sung:”In Thy constant love thou has led the people!” (Ex15:13)

I took that from “A Lamp for My Feet, by Elisabeth Elliot.” When I can’t get my feet under me, I always turn to her books. So today my word for today is detour. Sometimes when I take a detour, I see things I might not have noticed or even imagined. Today on this 11th day of December, I will be watching for all of the pleasant detours that the Lord has in mind for me today. I wish you a wonderful day. With the idea that I will glorify the Lord.